Accumulator Remix
Would you like to remix any tracks from remst8's Accumulator album?

You can find the source materials here to use as you wish - no holds barred. You are free to explore any genre, any BPM, mix-and-match stems from different tracks, enhance, mangle, augment, supplement, or otherwise manipulate these sounds however you like.

If you would like some inspiration, check out A Clamor Cut (Accumulator remixed), released through Intelligent Sound. This massive compilation of remixes will take you on a journey spanning several styles and genres with remixes, reinterpretations, mutations, and extrapolations built from the source materials below.
Source Materials
All source materials are provided below, including .XRNS files for Renoise and 24-bit WAV audio stems.
Legal Stuff
All source materials provided are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). You may use them however you wish as long as you attribute remst8 appropriately per the license.

If you do make something with this material, I would love to check it out! Please send an email to remix[at] with a link pointing to your remix/creation.