Accumulator Remix
Would you like to remix any tracks from remst8's Accumulator album?

Now is your chance - no holds barred. You are free to explore any genre, any BPM, mix-and-match stems from different tracks, enhance, mangle, augment, supplement, or otherwise manipulate these sounds however you like.

The completed remix album will be published through Intelligent Sound this summer.
Source Materials
All source materials are provided below, including .XRNS files for Renoise and 24-bit WAV audio stems.
Submitting your track
Please render your track as 44.1kHz, 24-bit WAV. Un-mastered tracks should have around -6dB of headroom. You may perform your own mastering, but Intelligent Sound is happy to do this for you. If you need a sound engineer to perform the final mix, Intelligent Sound can also provide this service. Send an email to remix[at], and I will help you connect with Intelligent Sound's resident sound engineer.

Please send an email to remix[at] with a download link for your completed track or to work out another method (such as a shared Dropbox or Google Drive folder). You may also send it as a private track to remst8 on Soundcloud.

Please submit your remix by no later than June 12 July 4, 2017.
Legal Stuff
All source materials provided are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). You may use them however you wish (beyond making a sweet remix for this compilation) as long as you attribute remst8 appropriately per the license.

Submitted tracks will also be licensed as Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). You retain ownership of your track and may use or publish it as you wish. However, Intelligent Sound asks that this track doesn't appear on another album (solo or compilation) for a year after we release it.